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Group Roles

Introduced with Patch # 88, group roles are a flexible way for me to code encounters and have you set which character will take on which role.  Below is a chart of the default roles: 

Traditional/Old Role New Role
fighters - all fighters GroupRole1
priest 1 - druids/clerics GroupRole2
priest 2 - shaman/channelers GroupRole3
enchanters - both GroupRole4
dps - both caster and melee dps classes GroupRole5
bards - both GroupRole6

Added to the UI of OgreBot with Kannkor's permission (All feedback/bugs related to this page must be reported to me and not Kannkor!  Don't bug him about it.) is a page where you will be able to set that character's group role.  This will allow you to customize your group makeup a bit more and allow those of you who run non-conventional groups to still take advantage of the encounter scripting I provide.  Example: Berserker, Warden, Shadowknight, Coercer, Ranger, Dirge.  Some fights in the past have had problems with two fighters in the group both trying to be the one in control.  I could set the Berserker to GroupRole1 and the Shadowknight to GroupRole5 in order to allow the Berserker to send commands as the tank and the Shadowknight to take commands as a dps class.

When both OgreBot and BJ Movement are loaded, Movement will check to see if a save file exists for that character name and load your desired group role.  If a file does not exist, it will assign you a generic role based on your EQ2 class.


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