ISXBJ Using Quest Bot 3 (Create Mode) Walkthrough

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Creating & Naming the Task File

Start with a blank combobox (left click it to clear) and listbox (Click Clear Task Steps button to clear).

Press the Create New Task button.

After pressing the Create New Task Button you will see a new window popup, Quest Bot - Custom Input Box.  Enter the desired range for this instance.  If the instance supports multiple level ranges because it is Agnostic, use a hyphen to separate the minimum and maximum levels.

Single Level Range

Multiple Level Range
Notice the spaces before and after the hyphen.

Press the Okay button when you have entered the level range.

The next window that will pop up is the Quest Bot - Custom Select Box.  Choose the content type you intend to create.

Press the Okay button after you have selected your content type.

Next, you will see another Custom Input Box displayed asking you to enter a name for this content.  For instances, I prefer to use the zone name with the difficulty level in brackets.  For quests, I prefer to use the quest name.

 Press the Okay button after you have entered a content name.

The last piece of information we need to enter to make the Task File is the name of the person who is creating it.

After pressing Okay, you will see a confirmation of the Task File being created in the in-game Innerspace console.

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Congratulations!  You have completed the creation of your new Task File and are ready to start adding Task Steps to it.