ISXBJ Using Quest Bot 3 (Create Mode) Walkthrough

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  1. ISXEQ2 must be loaded on each Innerspace session you want to bot on.
  2. ISXBJ must be loaded on each Innerspace session you want to bot on.  For instructions on how to load ISXBJ, authenticate and patch to the current version see the ISXBJ Installation Walkthrough - Authentication and Patching .
  3. ISXOgre must be loaded and OgreBot must be running on each session you want to bot on.  BJ Scripts is not responsible for supplying working OgreBot class profiles
  4. ISXSQLite must be loaded on each Innerspace session you want to bot on.  This is used for Loot Manager to function correctly.  
Program Name Innerspace Console Command
ISXOgre Ext ISXOgre
Quest Bot BJ QuestBot

 It is important to understand exactly what Quest Bot does in terms of running Advanced Solo and Heroic Instances.  Quest Bot moves you around through the zones, but in most cases it does NOT kill the bosses/named mobs (except for simple tank and spank encounters).  Scripted encounters are killed by a separate script and Quest Bot will wait for this script to complete before moving on in it's Task Steps.  The separate script that I use most often is BJ Movement, but if you have some basic knowledge of Lavishscript you could make your own encounter script.  This also means that any zone that has scripted bosses will need a separate script to kill those encounters.