ISXBJ Using Quest Bot 3 (Create Mode) Walkthrough

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**This walkthrough covers how to start and use Quest Bot 3 in Create Mode.  There is a separate companion walkthrough that covers how to use Quest Bot 3 in Run Mode.**


Welcome to BJ Scripts' Walkthrough For Using Quest Bot!  The idea behind Quest Bot is simple.  Create Task Files that will imitate how you might perform your desired task for the purpose of running that content without any input from the user.  My original intent was to automate the completion of overland quest content because I hate how tedious that aspect of the game has become.  Eventually I realized that I could also automate instances as well.  Quest Bot 3.00 + is named for the third major re-write of this script.  There are similarities with the previous version, but the entire script was re-written from the ground up.

Quest Bot 3's Create Mode is much more powerful, versatile and easier to use than the previous version of Quest Bot/Quest Creator.  It is included as part of the main Quest Bot user interface and strives to provide the user with all the information they need without loading an external webpage.