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Chains of Eternity

Altar of Abhorrence (Raid)

Baroddas - Fully Automatic

  • Will move your group to the pre-defined positions. G1 will move to one side of the river, G2 will move to the opposite. G3 & G4 will be in the middle.

Plane of War (Raid)

The Enraged War Boar

  • Alternate OgreBot set up.

Berik - Fully Automatic

  • Alternate OgreBot set up. Also, will¬†assist in joust of tanks when they get the bad detrimental (Works almost all the time. This script is use as is and can still occasionally fail.)

Sleeper's Tomb: Unearthed (Raid)

Drels Ma'Gor

  • OgreBot set up camp spot.

Sorrn Dontro - Fully Automatic

  • Alternate OgreBot set up
  • Will handle the jousting out of tanks when they have the bad noxious and swapping of aggro between tanks.

Ancient Sentinel

  • Alternate OgreBot set up.
  • Script will display how far away the smashing machines are and give you a visual warning if you need to move closer.

Eidolons - Fully Automatic

  • OgreBot set up camp spot.
  • Script will handle the jousting of red texts.

Harrow's End (Raid)

Melanie Everling

  • OgreBot set up camp spot.


  • OgreBot set up camp spot.


  • Alternate OgreBot camp spot.
  • Moves the raid around the room based on the golems being up.

Arena of the Gods (Raid)

Avatar of Tunare

  • Alternate OgreBot camp spot.

Siren's Grotto: Alluring Embrace (Heroic)

Queen Dulseris

  • OgreBot camp spot.
  • Will joust the person with the curse away from the group.

Temple of the Faceless (Heroic)


  • OgreBot camp spot.

Venekor Challenge Mode

  • OgreBot camp spot.