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Amenities Guild Hirelings (Miner, Hunter and Gatherer), Pack Pony, Gathering Goblin
  • Description:  Sends out Workers (Guild Hirelings, Pack Ponies and Gathering Goblins) to collect crafting resources and receives them when they return. 
  • Options:  
    • Logs characters in from different accounts.
    • Can call to Guild Hall if you are outside of the GH or further than 14 meters from the GH door.
    • Collect any required tier by manually entering the tier number or selecting the auto-select tier option.
    • Moves between Guild Halls.
    • Optional destroying of excess materials.
Depots Guild Harvest, Ammo, Collectible, Food/Drink, Potion/Poison, Lore & Legend
  • Description:  Deposits the selected item type into the appropriate guild hall depot.